Kennedy Volunteer Meeting

Our Bi-weekly (every 2 weeks) meeting to discuss the campaign’s plans and determine what our next goals should be

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Nov 02 2020


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Campaign HQ
2715 N Harbor City Blvd Melbourne, FL, United States

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  1. I hope the DCCC realizes how important this district is. Without Brevard County, the Republicans don’t carry Florida, without Florida, they don’t carry the White House.

    I hope the DCCC steps in and helps Jim to fight the good fight. This district is extremely important. I hope Democratic power-brokers and money-men see this. If they don’t, I would like to help make them see it.

    I am planning on attending this meeting on the 6th.

    Bill Duckworth
    Satellite Beach

    1. I have been trying to get their attention for months, unfortunately they measure importance by dollars raised and not the seat.


  2. Good evening Sir,

    This is absolutely true when observing the ” Big Picture” of democratic political positioning. Adopting a more aggressive perspective of becoming seen and heard will shock the media and provide the catalyst for your democratic arrival onto this new arena. Please Mr. Kennedy, remind the public immediately who you are and allow them a moment to formalize how you arrived. This first introduction has to be memorable with drama, expertise and style. The challenger has to throw the first punch in order to knock out the aging champion. The media will become competitive amongst it’s peers for an impromptu interview.

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