There should be no debate. The wearing of face masks in a time of a highly contagious virus is the responsible thing to do. The coronavirus will not stop at the county line or the 'Welcome to Florida' sign. The coronavirus does not care if you are a Democrat or Republican or Independent. It is an equal opportunity infector. As with so many issues in our current polarized society, even a killer disease is being judged through a partisan lens. This is not a political issue. Wearing a mask is not a political statement. This is an issue of the health and welfare of the nation.

The coronavirus is not going to disappear miraculously. It has not gone away with the seasonal change of the weather. It will continue to spread through big cities and small towns, causing untold damage to our families and friends, neighbors, and communities. Until there is a widely distributed vaccine, coronavirus will be with us. As for 'herd immunity,' 60-70% of the population must first contract the disease and develop an immune response. America is currently about 200 million infections away from that plateau.

With certain issues, we must put politics aside and in unison, support what is best for all. The public health community is in strong agreement that everybody wearing a face covering will slow the spread of this vicious disease. Of course, as always, there are fringe outliers that have alternative theories, but we follow the overwhelming consensus in science.

The wearing of face coverings should not be the subject of debate. It should not be a political ping pong ball bounced back and forth across a table. This is literally a matter of life and death.

Wear a mask and remember, the life you save may be your own.