Posey Votes Against the Environment and for Special Interest Groups

Yesterday my opponent voted against the environment and for party lines. Despite overwhelming opposition by his constituents, and even our Governor, Posey voted to allow off shore drilling on our coasts. Governor Desantis stated “we’re not a state for that” and he “will be raising Cain” if drilling plans advance. 

Thankfully, this bill to stop the drilling passed the house, with Republican support from Representatives Matt Gaetz and Mast. We need a leader in congress who doesn’t just say he cares about the environment, but shows it in his actions and votes. No state is more effected by the environment than Florida. Our economy depends upon it. Our Indian River Lagoon and wildlife depend on the responsible actions of us. Could you imagine the devestation of our economy and environment with another BP Oil spill right off of our own coast? We are supposed to learn from our mistakes, not continue to do the same things that continue to put us at risk.

Your representative is supposed to represent your voice, not the voice of special interest groups. I want to hear your voice and I will be your voice. I will make decisions based on facts, data, and science, and I will always protect our environment over any party line. This is certainly one issue we can all come together on and be better.

Here’s a record of the vote:

More info about the bill: